offers you the possibility to play either the classic canasta version or the modern version of the game and you can choose between tables with different playing levels. Our aim is that you find yourself at a table with other players who are roughly the same level as you so that everybody enjoys themselves the most and has a fair game.

When you enter our app, you choose your preferred version on the top of the screen and then you can access open tables in four categories: Practice (2000 points to win), Fun (2000 points to win), Expert (5000 points to win) and Pro (8500 points to win, accessible only from 17h – 23h).

Play at practice tables is free, but you cannot win any tokens and the games you play do not count towards daily quests. Play at Fun, Expert and Pro tables is 200, 500 and 1000 tokens, respectively, and the possible gains for winning the game are 300, 750, and 1500 tokens. In other words, the higher the entry fee, the higher the possible gain but, especially, the higher the play level the higher the possible gain! – There is no such thing as a required play level to participate in the different categories, but the higher-level tables do have higher level games. Naturally, players who are confident about their playing skills and knowledge of the game will be more ready to play for higher stakes than entry-level players. Also, when you’re a beginner it’s better to start at the practice and fun tables – it is after all a game that you play in teams and you don’t want to destroy your partners at the Pro tables when you are only getting to know the basics of the game. Apart from the different levels on the different tables, don’t forget that when the score to win is higher, a game may take significantly longer, especially when the level of all four players is similar.

When you decide to play at these officially accessible tables, you will always play with and against randomly chosen players who also happen to play in at the same time as you. If you want to play with specific players that you’ve met through our app or with friends from real life or family, rather than join one of your tables, you can open a private table and invite the people you want to play with (and who have installed on their phone or tablet):

To create a private table, you start by clicking on “join” underneath “private table”. You then click on “Create” on the bottom left of the screen. Just like for the open tables, you can choose if you want to play the classic version or modern canasta and you can set the score to win at 2000 or 5000.

Entry fees and gains are 200 or 500 and 300 or 750, respectively, depending on the score to win, just like for Fun and Expert tables. However, for the private tables, as you will play with people you know, it is absolutely up to you and your friends if you prefer to play a game that goes up to 2000 points or one that goes to 5000. It doesn’t depend on your play level but rather on the stake you want to play for and the time you have for your game. Finally, you choose a password that you then have to communicate to your friends together with your table number so that they can join you. For this, they open the app on their device, click on “join” underneath “private table” and then enter the table name in the field “search a private table”.

Now you’re all set and can start playing with friends rather than with random strangers! – Equally, when one of your friends has created a table, they will give you their table number and password so that you can join them. With our private tables, you can also use to play with friends who are in the same room as you when you don’t have two decks of cards available or when you’re travelling together in a packed bus or when… well, the possibilities are endless!


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