When you start playing on canasta.com, you get credit of 3000 chips. Unless you want to play at a practice table, you need chips to play at a table. 200 chips for a Fun table, 500 for Expert and 1000 tokens for a Pro table. You can get more chips by winning at a table (300 at a Fun table, 750 at an Expert table and 1500 at a Pro table) or by buying a pack or a subscription in the shop.

There are, however, other (fun!) ways of getting more tokens.

Daily Bonus

The first is the easiest: you can get Daily Bonuses for your logins. To collect them, you need to click on the icon on the lower right side and then click on “claim” next to Day 1, Day 2 etc. On the first day you’ll get 125 chips, then 150 – 200 – 250 – 400 – 600 and 800! You don’t have to login daily, “Day 2” is the second day on which you go to claim your bonus and so on. On Day 7 you need to complete a quest: Watch ads to complete your quest and earn extra bonuses. When you have finished your quest, you earn the final reward and on the next day you login, you start at “Day 1” again.

Daily Quests

But the automatic daily bonus is not all. When clicking on the icon on the lower left, you can access the daily quests. Here you can get extra chips for daily quests like finishing or winning a certain number of games (this does not count for Arena, free tables or private tables).

(Once you have accessed one of the Daily Bonus or Daily quest, you can also switch directly from one to the other on the top left side of the screen.)

Another way to win free tokens are the minigames:

Click on “Bonus” next to the slot machine on the bottom of the welcome screen to access the minigames:

Video Bonus

To the far left you can get to the Video Bonus. If you click on accept, you’ll be shown a video and upon completion you’ll be rewarded the amount of chips that was shown before. You’ll get 100 tokens for the first video, 80 for the second, …

Slot Machine

Next to the Video Bonus, there is the slot machine. For only 50 chips you can play at the slot machine and if the right symbols align, you have the possibility of winning up to 4000 chips – or you can even hit the jackpot! You can also increase your possible gains by playing for a stake of 100 or 200 chips. (The higher entries multiply the possible gains by 2 or 4, but doesn’t affect the amount that you win if you hit the jackpot)

Promo Code

Here, you can enter your promo codes to redeem them for tokens!

Facebook page

On our facebook page you can participate in the game of the week and if you comment the right answer, you may be lucky enough to be one of the 3 winners drawn to win the reward of the week.


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